A Whole New World

A Whole New World

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So, I’m 22 years old right now and I recently have gained a lot of interest in personal finance. I grew up in a very money-conscious household. My mom was always saving for different things and trying to be prepared for anything that could happen. We weren’t rich, but my sister and I never missed out on anything due to a lack of money.

Up until August 2018, I was a spender. I didn’t have a plan. I wasn’t in credit card debt or anything, but I wasn’t saving or investing. Then, something happened and I’m not really sure how. I started watching some Dave Ramsey videos on YouTube. I had heard of Dave’s teachings before but never looked into them until this time. After hearing his opinions on saving and investing, I was energized. The thought of being a millionaire after I retire threw me through a loop. I couldn’t believe how easy the math seemed. Literally, just open a Roth IRA and fully fund it throughout your life and boom. Compounding interest is a remarkable thing.

Fast forward about a month and I’ve done a lot more research, asked a lot of questions, and made several moves. I’ve laid the groundwork for a successful future. I want to continue to learn more and grow each day.


Mark Joseph Szymanski

Mark Joseph Szymanski is an up-and-coming entrepreneur that is ready to accomplish great things and provide value to everyone he meets along the way.



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