A Whole New World

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So, I’m 22 years old right now and I recently have gained a lot of interest in personal finance. I grew up in a very money-conscious household. My mom was always saving for different things and trying to be prepared for anything that could happen. We weren’t rich, but my sister and I never missed out on anything due to a lack of money.

Up until August 2018, I was a spender. I didn’t have a plan. I wasn’t in credit card debt or anything, but I wasn’t saving or investing. Then, something happened and I’m not really sure how. I started watching some Dave Ramsey videos on YouTube. I had heard of Dave’s teachings before but never looked into them until this time. After hearing his opinions on saving and investing, I was energized. The thought of being a millionaire after I retire threw me through a loop. I couldn’t believe how easy the math seemed. Literally, just open a Roth IRA and fully fund it throughout your life and boom. Compounding interest is a remarkable thing.

Fast forward about a month and I’ve done a lot more research, asked a lot of questions, and made several moves. I’ve laid the groundwork for a successful future. I want to continue to learn more and grow each day.


Mark Joseph Szymanski

Mark Joseph Szymanski is an American entrepreneur, web designer, speaker, and investor. He is the Founder of MJS Industries, the parent company to several passion projects.



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