Facts About Me

I think there is a lot of things about me that are unique. 

  1. I sleep 8 hours each night
  2. I don’t use caffeine (no coffee, pop, tea, pre-workout)
  3. I’ve never smoked (no cigarettes, vapes, marijuana)
  4. I don’t take pain medication
  5. I’ve never drank alcohol
  6. I don’t watch TV
  7. I don’t read. I learn best by video and experience.
  8. Played ball hockey since I was 6
  9. Played baseball for 13 years
  10. Live in Pittsburgh, PA
  11. Motion sickness, don’t like flying
  12. I use music as a stress reliever
  13. I only like going to concerts that I know all the words to
  14. I’m interested in all sorts of things. I love to learn and get better
  15. I love to play sports but I don’t enjoy watching them that much
  16. I’m doing all of this for myself with the hope that others find value in it
  17. I’m going to have a clothing brand. Can you guess the name?
  18. I’m very logical and often conservative
  19. I really dislike being an employee
  20. I love helping people
  21. I like comedies
  22. I love to laugh and make people laugh
  23. Can’t understand why people like horror movies
  24. 5’7″
  25. I’m pretty forgetful of stuff that I don’t need to know
  26. I love personal finance
  27. Artists incapable of making a bad song
    1. Logic
    2. NF
    3. twenty one pilots
    4. Post Malone
    5. Jon Bellion
    6. Khalid