The Definitive Guide To Starting A Podcast


This is a guide I developed to help you start a podcast. I’ve created and currently produce two video/audio podcasts, Fueled By Progress and AM In The PM. I’ve learned many things from doing so, and I want to share that knowledge with you.

My recommendations will prioritize saving money and doing many of the things yourself. Each lesson is an actionable step that you can cross off as you progress through. The order in which I have these lessons laid out is more of a suggestion than a strict order.

Something To Think About

What is your objective with this podcast?

Do you want this podcast to be a hobby or a business? There is no wrong answer. The right answer is whatever you really want to do. Here’s my take on both routes:

If it’s just going to be a hobby, then you should try to keep costs as low as possible and have a realistic expectation of what you’re going to get from the experience. Some people say if you’re not trying to make money with something, it will be more enjoyable. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but I understand the sentiment.

If your goal is to monetize it and turn it into a business, then consider looking into that from the start. There are many additional steps to take if you want to properly set up a solid business structure. I have a separate guide on how to do that: A Right Way To Start A Business.

If you are confident about the idea, then start a business around it, but don’t get overwhelmed about this decision now. A hobby can always turn into a business, but my point is that until you decide to focus on monetization, realize that it’s purely for enjoyment.

Before You Begin

  • Some of the links to services I use are affiliate links. If you sign up for a service via one of those links, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. It’s never expected but always appreciated. Thank you!
  • I am not a certified financial, business, or legal adviser. I’m just a guy that likes to share what I’ve learned because I know it can help some people. I assure you that this information is shared in good faith. I cannot be held liable for any negative results you may encounter.