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Google Pixel 4 XL

Google Pixel 4 XL – Oh So Orange (64GB)

I enjoy using this because I use a lot of Google software and this compliments it nicely.

Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds – Oh So Orange

Another piece of Google hardware because I like the aesthetic and integration with my other devices.

Aotao Silicone Case

Aotao Silicone Case for Google Pixel Bud

I normally don’t use cases or skins on my devices, but I wanted something to cover up the white charging case because my color schema is red and black.

Orbitkey Key Organizer - Crazy-Horse

Orbitkey Key Organizer – Crazy-Horse

I used to use a regular key chain, but it made a lot of noise and was clunky because I had a ton of things on it. I wanted to downsize and this was a great solution. It’s also red and black!

Orbitkey USB 3.0 (8GB)

Orbitkey USB 3.0 (8GB)

I keep this USB on my key organizer just in case I ever need to transfer some files and I love it’s low profile design.

True Utility Cash Capsule (Black)

True Utility Cash Capsule (Black)

I strictly use credit cards everywhere I go because I like getting paid to spend my money. The being said, this little capsule is perfect for stashing a spare bill in for emergencies.

Secrid Twinwallet - Vintage Brown

Secrid Twinwallet – Vintage Brown

I used to had a smaller version of this wallet, then I ran out of room because I have so many credit cards. I highly recommend Secrid wallets. They are beautiful and durable.

Sony ZV-1

Sony ZV-1

This is the main camera I use to stream and film the MJS Daily Recap, YouTube videos, and my 2 podcasts. It’s compact, has a flip-out screen, and can film in 4K.



I tried other memory cards in the past, but this one has treated me the best. It’s super fast and has a ton of storage. Plus, I figured a Sony memory card would work best with a Sony camera.